When communicating, people instantaneously factor in external influences, personal experiences and social conduct. These factors are what exchanges are built on, and what allows us as human beings to build and maintain relationships within interactions. However, to what extent does this framework control and even censor our conversations?
A publication that is an abstract exploration of behaviours surrounding British social etiquette, that emerged from a personal curiosity and previous research and writing on the subject. The body of content satirically challenges British behaviour within interactions, with the focus on the different tactics Brits have established in avoiding specific matters in conversation. 
‘Sitting on the fence’ - the obligation and ability to stay impartial in conversation, in order to maintain reservations and remain polite. The collated content includes familiar language and tools Brits have acquired to abide to the method of avoidance, as well as photography that coincides with both the metaphor and common language techniques. 
The publication provokes thought and self-examination of behaviour, how we interact in social surroundings. Creating awareness and acknowledgement of how we present ourselves and encouraging the question of the measure of honesty in our conversation.​​​​​​​

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